A new home and a new drive

It’s been way too long between updates so here is everything you missed: – We achieved our goal for the Pozible campaign (THANK YOU SO MUCH) and have started working on our album – We have officially moved into our new home and we’re building a studio where we will start demoes and videos. So look out for that -… Read more →

Help make our album Pozible

Today we take a huge leap of faith and we hope there will be some friendly hands there to catch us. In January, We will be heading to Portland, Oregon to record our debut album with producer Adam Selzer who has worked with artists such as She & Him, Darren Hanlon, The Decemberists, Liz Stringer and more. This is a… Read more →

Tamworth Recap – Future plans

After a long drive we have returned home from our first Tamworth Country Music festival. It was a whirlwind 3 days for us. We met a lot of beautiful people and got to share the love with them. We’re going to send our a full wrap up of the festival to our mailing list. You can still score a free… Read more →

We’ve started a mailing list

In a move that is way over-due, we have started up a mailing list with news, information and bonus content. Subscribe to our mailing list * indicates required Email Address * First Name Last Name State/Country Email Format html text Read more →