2017 in review

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Great things happen all at once

‘Good things take time but great things happen all at once’.

If you haven’t been paying attention to The Old Married Couple in the past 6 months, I fear that we may be unrecognisable to you but I’m so glad it’s all happened. The final week of 2017 really encapsulated how much has changed and grown in a very short amount of time.

Let’s start at Christmas eve. We found ourselves covered in glitter and dressed as Christmas tree ornaments while we played a show in Melbourne. That show included the addition of a stand up comedian Blake Everett and a feather filled burlesque performance by Camilla Cream as we were backed by our band and playing in front of a very full room full of the newly initiated, the regular fans and the curious.

Christmas day saw us celebrating Christmas at home with a large group of friends, most of whom we met only earlier this year.

New Year’s Eve-eve we boarded a northbound van with luggage loaded high with, not just the band, but a travelling carnival of performers (Camilla Cream, Lord Lovat and Andrew Iles, as well as our merch wench, Kristie) whom we had collected to spread some New Year Cheer to Canberra and Camden.



When we got to Canberra we were greeted with something very unexpected. a SOLD OUT SHOW at Smith’s Alternative. We had travelled to Canberra once before and met some great new people but this show was incredible. We were joined by locals Ivy Ambrosia and One Spare Banana but, in all honesty, the star of the night was the audience. This audience were incredible and seemed to know all of our songs. They tooted and hooted along with everything.

The final stop of the year was in Camden NSW. This was a town that had not seen The Old Married Couple in at least 2 years when we were playing cover tunes at weddings. We were actually incredibly nervous for this show as so much had changed for us but it seems as though Camden had embraced it as they sang, danced and sizzled for ourselves, our carnival and our Sydney Drag friend Amanda Vided.

We tell you these things, firstly to impress you because we’re quite proud of what we have accomplished, but more so to reflect on just how much a person (or a couple)’s world can change.

At the start of this year (actually half way through the year), We had NEVER met ANY of the people in these photos. We had NEVER played in Canberra, We had NEVER played a sold out show, We had NEVER released an album, We had NEVER shared the stage with a burlesque dancer, let alone a boylesque dancer, a Drag Queen or a stand up comedian, We had NEVER performed with a live band, We had NEVER heard ourselves on vinyl and we had never had so much damned fun!

The strangest thing about all of these new experiences is that it doesn’t feel strange at all. We have found ourselves, we have found our people and now people are finding us. We love bringing something different to people and we love sharing that experience with our cavalcade of new colleagues and friends. Doing new things and breaking new ground has become the norm for us and it is the most exciting status quo you could imagine.

So what’s next?

We can only tell you what the plans are and what is locked in because, as we discovered this year, we don’t know what the future holds but we’ll be holding each other.

We’ve just added CD copies of ‘Welcome to the Music Hall’ and a Limited Edition Vinyl of the album to our online store. We’re slowly adding more and more things to the store.

Next week, we’re spending some time filming something very very cool with Platinum Honey and our super talented friend Stevie (Who edited the ‘Me to You’ video). We will also be working throughout the years on some brand new video content and fun.

Touring kicks off in February as we head to Port Fairy Jazz Festival (A real jazz festival. This could go very well or…).

From the 15th-18th of February we will be premiering our full ‘Welcome to the Music Hall’ vaudeville variety show in Adelaide as a part of the Adelaide Fringe Festival with more new friends Rod Lara and Viola Verve. From there, we will begin taking the Vaudeville Variety show everywhere it can go, starting in Melbourne, heading around regional Victoria and Australia and who knows where else after that (Check out our ‘Shows’ page for more info on our upcoming shows).

We’re so proud and amazed of what has happened in the Music Hall world of The Old Married Couple in 2017 and we’re so thankful to have you along for the ride in 2018.

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Toots and Hoots,

Riley and Katie