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THE OLD MARRIED COUPLE are the faces of new vintage, playing Dixieland style music with a vaudevillian twist that would be at home as much in the Music Halls of the 19th century as they are in the 21st century. Vintage in style and sound, The Old Married Couple combine a witty songwriting style with a distinctive kazoo filled music. Taking cues from Musical comedy and cabaret legends like George Formby, Bette Midler, Marie Lloyd and Cole Porter, The Old Married Couple are spreading Toots and Hoots around the World.

The Old Married Couple will take you to the land of beautiful music halls with singalongs, comedy and vaudeville variety parlour tricks as The Old Married Couple sing silly dancing songs about Sex, Codependence,Anxieties about babies and even share some of their evil urges. A night of double entendre and wit with vintage sights and sounds awaits you on WELCOME TO THE MUSIC HALL.

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