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DSCF7300It’s been a crazy few months since we last let you in on what’s going on!

We had an amazing time in Portland Oregon recording with some amazing musicians and with the most amazing producer! You just wouldn’t believe the wonderful experience we had recording!! Getting there though was nothing short of a miracle. We endured some interesting and very very challenging situations to get out of Melbourne and into the US, then once we got to the US we had more issues getting to Portland OR, so much so that we’ve written a book about the whole journey and recording process. The book is set to be released later this year as an ebook.


We’ve been rehearsing like madmen with some wonderful players who’ll be joining us for full band shows, the first of which is now under our belt! We’re working hard to bring you some amazing shows filled with vaudeville fun! So you’ll just have to come to a show because things are only getting bigger, brighter and definitely funnier.


The master has been sent off for vinyl pressing which is very exciting! We can’t wait for you to hear the album, especially on vinyl! This will be a limited release so look out for presales!!!


We have a very special invite only event coming up at the end of July where people who have subscribed to our mailing list and/or pledged (to the crowdfunding campaign we ran last year) were invited to our private album listening party! If you weren’t on the invite list don’t stress, you can still subscribe to the mailing list and flick us an email at to get your invite or alternatively sit tight and pay close attention to our social media. That’s all we can say about that!


Now for the info you’ve been waiting for, ALBUM RELEASE DAY!! Welcome to The Music Hall is set to be released to the world on September 2nd 2017. To celebrate we are putting on a vaudeville spectacular! We will be performing the album in full with full band at Speakeasy HQ in Melbourne. The show will include comedian MC Linda Beatty, Strongman Mad Vlad Bolshoi and Contortion & Burlesque artist Victoria Wolfe. Get your tickets soon as this event will sell out quickly and it’s not one you want to miss!  And because we’re nice guys who want to make your life easier here’s the ticket link


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