Reflecting on the Fringe

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^Check out some Highlight from our ‘Welcome to the Music Hall’ shows so far^
In a huge first for us, We made our way to Adelaide with our band and some great guest performers to debut our Vaudeville show ‘Welcome to the Music Hall’ at the Fringe.

Now, We’ve been touring around for a while in promotion of the Welcome to the Music Hall album and many of those shows have been Vaudeville Variety shows where we have plays the songs with guest performers adding some silliness, skill and sexiness to the show but this was something completely different.

The way Fringe works is that you book yourself into a venue, hire the venue and then promote and present your show across the season. We had 4×1 hour shows which featured ourselves, Rod Lara (who was alternating between his Banjo character and his Charlie Chaplin impersonation) with the Diva and Viola Verve. This was a big and scary event for us as it was a big risk and we we were venturing into new territory creatively as this show was going to be far more of a cabaret performance than we had done before.

Over months, we crafted skits and seguays between our performances and our guests in order for the show to be cohesive, logical and funny. This involved looking at what we have been doing at live shows in 2017 and cranking it up to 11.

So with everything arranged in a logical order and somewhat rehearsed, we hit the stage.

With each performance, the comedy and show increased in detail and laughs with off stage skits, costume changes and incessant attempts by each cast member to make the others laugh. The only one to succeed with me was Banjo as appeared from backstage following Katie with his… (You had to be there).

Something happened to my wife during this run of shows and no, I’m not referring to the noises and smudged makeup that happened in the middle of the show… Well that as well… Katie cranked the comedy up with constant playfulness and improv between the two of us in songs and skits. By the last night, Katie was the engine powering and leading the show and the rest of us had the job of keeping up with her.

The experience of doing Fringe has been very educational but, more importantly, it has been inspirational and reinvigorating. We’re so very proud of the show we created for Fringe that we’re now determined to tour it around to all cities, towns, festivals, states, countries and planets that will have us.

So with that in mind, keep an eye on our shows page and Facebook to see when we’re bringing ‘Welcome to the Music Hall’ to your planet (or town… most likely).

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Once again, Thanks to our cast: Rod, Morgan, Viola, James and Jordie, the management and staff at La Boheme Nightclub and the great support crew at Adelaide Fringe Fringeworks.


Love you all and we will see you out there.