Tamworth Recap – Future plans

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Old Married Couple

After a long drive we have returned home from our first Tamworth Country Music festival. It was a whirlwind 3 days for us. We met a lot of beautiful people and got to share the love with them. We’re going to send our a full wrap up of the festival to our mailing list. You can still score a free copy of ‘Stuck with me’ for joining the mailing list as well.

Next year, we’re determined to overcome Jetlag after our album recording sessions and squeeze in a few appearances at this festival again.

When we got home, we opened our emails and got on our phones and the damn things were blowing up. It’s going to be a HUGE year.

What’s coming up?

At the end of this year, We will be heading to Portland, Oregon USA to record our debut album with producer Adam Selzer. Adam has worked with and produced a tonne of great acts that we love including Darren Hanlon, She & Him and The Decemberists. So we’re writing and rehearsing like crazy. We’re particularly excited about a couple of songs already and we’ll be road-testing these at shows.

The Friends of The Old Married Couple are growing and growing. We’re going to share lots of news, content and offers with those beautiful people starting with the free song offer for joining and the 2 day free Kazoo offer for National Kazoo day (Jan 26-28).

Speaking of Kazoos, We’ve added Kazoos and Tea Towels to our Store.

The live shows are taking off with us travelling near and far to play some traditional gigs as well as house shows and festivals. We’re going to update our ‘Shows’ page as much as possible.

Check out the shows page for gig details and keep posted on all of the goings on by joining the ‘Friends of The Old Married Couple’ Mailing list and following The Old Married Couple on FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE, TWITTER and INSTAGRAM


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